Meet Our Board

Doreileen Reynolds

MEET: Dori

Doreileen (Dori) Reynolds is a grandma and full time employee at Yreka Mailbox. She likes to make things, and feels that it is important to try and make the world a better place. Her hope is that not only are homeless and disadvantaged people housed, but also rehabilitated and helped to be self-sufficient. There is hope, and it starts within a single person. Anyone can make a difference.

Elizabeth Langford Cobo

MEET: Elizabeth

Elizabeth was raised in Siskiyou County, growing up on a cattle ranch in Shasta Valley. She and her husband Robert moved their family back to the Montague area in 2016 wanting to refocus on living a more simple life, centered around their relationship with the Lord.

Elizabeth is a 2001 graduate of the University of Oregon and her professional career has included a variety of jobs in marketing and multi-media production. She is the owner of britelime, a boutique creative, marketing and multi-media services company.

Michelle O'Gormon

MEET: Michelle

Michelle is a converted Catholic girl, married to a cradle Catholic wonderful man, with 2 great sons, both raised Catholic, 17 and 20.  Her walk with the Lord really changed when she went on a Walk to Emmaus in 2010, and her relationship with Jesus began, it changed from horizontal to vertical relationship, and it's awesome! She dedicated her life to God and asked him to use her as He would!

She is blessed to have a Master's in Business Administration and skills in administration, convening and grant writing, which God is using in abundance for this ministry!

She has a heart for the homeless because as the saying goes, but for the grace of God, go I.... She loves to stay as an overnight host with our guests, and play games, watch movies, have root beer floats; make life as normal and fun as she can.

Pat Kagy
Board Member


If you have not signed up to volunteer yet, please email Pat at to be added to our group.

Pat was a “screener” for Human Services for several years and that did two things. It gave Pat experience talking to people in dire straits and showed her that the government can’t help everyone she felt needed help.

Her retirement coincided with the start of Beacon of Hope and she thought she’d check it out. It was a good fit. There is a huge learning curve and it hasn’t been easy, but it is gratifying when one of our clients graduates from being homeless to being self-sufficient.  It does happen and it makes all the work and stress and expenditure of time worth it.

Being on the board allows her to use her personal and occupation expertise to help Beacon of Hope fill some of the cracks people fall through. Beacon of Hope has some incredible board members, people who honestly care about the homeless and their struggles to survive.  She truly wishes more people would get involved as volunteers to share the work and the reward.

Don Langford
Board Member


Bio coming soon

Kathleen Popa
Board Member

MEET: Katy

Bio coming soon!

Jeremey McVae
Board Member

MEET: Jeremey

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